Hi! I’m Coco.

I’m an avid collector of dorky, nostalgic things and I’m a big enthusiast on turning anything into a possible sticker book. I love any excuse for a dance party but, I’d rather drive somewhere and have a good round of CAR-aeoke instead. HUGE fan of giving out compliments and I love making people smile.

Oh, and pizza is  e v e r y t h i n g.

These things make me happy! There’s a lot out there that bring me joy but, one of my favorites is excercising my right to create a good, happy effect on those around me. We’re responsible for our actions so why not make it good ones!

In my opinion, that’s what makes ME cool. And I believe that in every one of YOU is your own sort of special, secret sauce. That sauce is the good stuff. It’s what makes you who you are! That, to me — is the coolest thing of all.

I’m using this blog as a platform to celebrate the coolness in us all. I want to spread happiness in the best way I can, by sharing the things and the people that make ME happy. Not only will I share personal things but, I’ll cover everything from fashion, music, food & art. Also, look out for features on other people and their take on what makes them happy!

Forget about what everyone else tells you is cool. Ditch the ones that tell you you aren’t. Only YOU can allow them to persuade you differently.

Let’s encourage each other! Let’s become our best fans. Let’s go all in. Let’s own it.
At the end of the day, numbers don’t count as much as you being your best follower.

Welcome to The Cool Assembly. Where everyone is allowed to sit at the table.