Glitter Freckles

Anything I can do to get closer to lookin’ like a Snapchat filter! 

glitterfreckles_itgsource: Into The Gloss

Beauty trends seem to be popping up quicker than my iPhone’s software updates and honestly, I can’t keep up. Truth: I’m still stuck on 2015’s Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, which was downright horrifying. Never tried it but, the pictures were enough! So I’ve been happily and diligently applying my basic – slightly boring – routine.

But when it comes to freckles, glitter, stars, stickers… My inner 9 year old self starts freaking out and I’m willing to try anything.

Well, almost anything.
Glitter in the hair is like confetti dandruff and frankly, I’m not down with that. 

glitterdandruffsource: google imgs

Fortunately, Snapchat fulfills this 9 year old dream for me with all their fun, cute, kitschy filters they come out with. (Read: Very, very asian). I can turn into a cartoon character without committing IRL. It’s perfect!

IMG_4864.jpgme, hi.

So when I started seeing pictures of real girls who had glitter splashed over their cheeks, and it WASN’T a filter OR them going to a festival, I finally felt like I could low key be the character I’ve always wanted to be. (Praise hands).

It’s subtle but, noticeable.
Cute but not too cutesy. Grown up girls wear them too.
And it’s honestly the perfect solution to fancy up your outfit without getting too extreme.

Introducing — Foil Freckles

2eabe499e20e60c5a38902706bfc117bsource: pinterest
claireplekhoffsource: pinterest
7af7f79bdf8ce873b3f141c7cfab7882source: pinterest
alyssac_glitterfrecksAlyssa Coscarelli via her Insta @alyssainthecity


I can’t wait to get my hands on some and glitter it up! Mr. Kate’s BeautyMarks has a TON of accessorizing options for your face & body, including foil freckles. Check them out here. And once I snag some, I’ll do a tutorial video and post it up on the blog!

What do you guys think of foil freckles? Yay? Nay? Gross? Leave me a comment below!


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